Fair Trade

Small stall – BIG impact! We extend a big “Thank You” to all who have supported our stall at St Leonard’s & Cameron churches over recent years.

We are proud that our Fair Trade stall is supplied by ”Traidcraft”, a Christian organisation which works hard to ensure a fair deal for up-and-coming third world producers … as well as extra income to assist in their community‘s developments. Traidcraft counts on your generous support in buying their products.  Together with Oxfam, Traidcraft were innovators of the Fair Trade movement, which has now expanded worldwide. The full range of Traidcraft products as well as news about new initiatives can be found in their quarterly Catalogue. Please pick up a copy from our stall. We are keen to know if there are products listed you’d like us to stock.

Please see their well set out website www.traidcraft.co.uk in the first instance, or pass on your question to us through the stall.

For more information, please contact:

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