Digital Ministry

In these tricky times during #COVID19, it is so important to communicate.  Obviously we are having to find ways of doing this which is not directly face-to-face and therefore we are exploring ways of gathering togther or hearing from our Minister.  Therefore we now have a Digital Ministry page and we have a YouTube channel where Graeme’s Sunday Worship will be posted.

This is just a start for the moment and more may evolve.

Graeme is also now using the Facebook page to connect with us too and these are being posted under Latest News to the right hand side of the website.

And more widely, the Church of Scotland Facebook Page and Website is being kept up-to-date too.

YouTube Sermons   

Sunday 16 January 2022

Welcome to this Sunday’s service of readings prayers and ‘The Big Word”.
Welcome to this morning’s service of music, prayers and `The Big Word’.

Welcome to this morning’s service of music, thoughts and prayers.