DIY Poetry Reading – STAnZa Friday 19th March

As well as StAnZa, the official Poetry festival, there is now a StAnZa Fringe event – a DIY Poetry Reading, which sounds like it might be great fun.  As you might anticipate, it is online, and if you contact Stewart Kerr with your email address, he will be able to send you the joining link.   

It takes place on Friday 19th March at 7pm. 
Respond to this invitation by e mailing Stewart on

He will respond with an e mail with the joining instructions. In this way he will be able to control who gets to the meeting and not have random people joining in and possibly causing bother.

On Friday use the Zoom link to get to the meeting. He will let you into the meeting. Please be patient with him; he (says he) is old and most definitely slow.

Have a poem ready, be prepared to read it, and try to keep it short. No Rime of the Ancient Mariner please!

Indicate when you want to read by raising your hand when Stewart asks for volunteers.

You can of course just sit and listen!

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