Fairtrade Stall – Thursday 23rd July 1430 – 1600hrs

Smallholder farmers across the world are still trying to make a fragile living despite the world being turned upside down by COVID-19.  Effects are being felt in many ways.  Although for example the pandemic has so far only claimed around 20 lives directly in Malawi, many people are suffering from closed markets, transport lockdowns and shipping difficulties in all the countries that we deal with and the pandemic is expected to peak late August/September.  They need our support.  Mary Popple will be running a stall of JTS goods on Thursdays (2.30 -4pm) alongside the Communication, Fellowship and Action Group book initiative.  If you prefer to transfer payment rather than use money that will be fine and if you would like me to deliver I can do that too – just look online at www.jts.co.uk.   Buy the Products.  Support the Work.  Spread the Word. Thank you.

Whilst the Church has been closed during the Covid19 Crisis, we have moved to more digital ministry and also to using Email to keep as many of you updated as possible with what has been happening in the Church as well as links to information and online events that have been happening. If you would like to receive regular updates by email, please subscribe here. Your email will be added to the Mailing List which is managed via Mailchimp. You are able to unsubcribe at any time.

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