Welcome to St. Leonard’s – an inclusive and open congregation with family at its heart…a fellowship in the Presbyterian tradition set in St. Andrews, one of Scotland and Europe’s finest towns; a place of history, learning and culture.

These are extraordinary times and ever evolving.  Here is some information on how St Leonard’s and Cameron are responding.

Pastoral Care, Funerals & Practical Help during the Coronavirus situation

Pastoral Care The Minister is in the process of putting together a list of people from both congregations who he will be making a special effort to keep in contact with over the duration of this period.  This contact will be by telephone or email.

If you know of anyone who you feel needs regular contact, please let the minister know, remembering to ask the person if they happy for you to pass on their name and contact details.

Elders are encouraged to telephone or email people in their districts too.

We would really like to keep in touch with everyone in the Cameron and St. Leonard’s family throughout this difficult and unsettling time.  We already hold, with permission, the contact details of a number of people across both congregations.  However, we do not have everybody’s, so if you would like us to keep in touch either by telephone or email, by text message or WhatsApp, please get in touch with the Church Office with your contact details.  Either phone 07871 871 740 during office hours, or email stlencam@gmail.com

And don’t forget that there is also a Facebook Page and we will be endeavouring to share as much as we can there too.

Funerals  The Minister is once again allowed to conduct funerals in Church as well as at a crematorium or graveside.

Practical Help  As people will be aware, there is already a growing network from across the community offering practical support to those who have self-isolated and who have no extended family or others able to provide basic help.  If you are willing to become part of the this network and help with everything from collecting basic shopping, picking up and deliver prescriptions, post letters, or walking the dog.

Sermons Graeme records his sermons for each Sunday and these can be found onYouTube and on the Digital Ministry Page

For any pastoral matters, please do not hesitate to contact by email Graeme or by phone on 01334 472793

St Leonard’s Church & Cameron Parish Church are both registered Scottish Charities

St Leonard’s Parish Church:  SC013586                       Cameron Parish Church: SC05565